Opel Monza concept car

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On the Frankfurt motor show in September, the British company General Motors Vauxhall will [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] show the new Vauxhall concept car which will be more perspective and innovative. The concept of Monza is the announcement of future brand which symbolizes itself “a quantum leap in development of information and entertaining systems”. The Opel Monza concept borrows the name from the original Monza, made Opel Vauxhall subsidiary in the late seventies. The original was the first model in the market with the digital display of the dashboard. Besides, now the Opel Monza concept will receive the best last achievements among automobile technologies. Vauxhall still doesn’t report details which will be technologies. but they promise, that the concept will satisfy requirements more closely connected with Internet community that will be more, than simply driving. The general director of Vauxhall can’t go into details about interior design of the Opel Monza concept yet, and especially its perspective technologies which can change driving.

Opel Monza concept car exterior

Opel Monza concept car exterior

Nevertheless he can guarantee that the innovative design of a body and ideal proportions will force people to turn following. But they will be only visible part of that will be under a cowl. The Vauxhall concept car is under construction round efficiency. Vauxhall reports that the car combines innovative transmission, aerodynamics and effective optimization of materials. In the presented photos it is visible big air inlets, but there is no confidence that they will be recreated in the production Vauxhall line. It is possible to know more on the Frankfurt auto show 2013, which opens for the press on September 10.