Algorithm developed by Facebook guessing users romantic relationship

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Employee Facebook Lars Beckstromand and Cornell University professor Jon Kleinberg [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] developed an algorithm that determines the analysis of the social graph spouses and people who are in a romantic relationship . As a metric for predicting the nature of the relationship is not the algorithm uses the number of common friends and the activity of interaction, and the so-called dispersion graph. It reflects the degree of the various social networks of partners, the relationship between two people is a high variance if their friends are poorly connected to each other . This definition is not the same as Variance of a graph. According to the authors , the accuracy of the algorithm is small, only 60 per cent. It is only 10 percent better accidental , but the authors argue that even in those cases when the algorithm is wrong , he finds important to the user people, relatives or loved ones. Social networking is becoming the subject of research , not only the employees Facebook, but many independent scientists . Recently, researchers have made a collective social portrait of the people who leave the network. Another group has shown that the use of Facebook can spoil the mood.