Digital afterlife bequest from Google

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Google will allow users to decide what happens with their data after they die or become [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] inactive on the Internet, the first large company to deal with a sensitive question. Function is applied to e-mail, the social network Google Plus and other accounts. Users can choose for removal of data after a certain period of time, or transfer them to specific people. The virtual bequest will define further destiny of all data, which were left by members of a portal. Their number includes all correspondence of the user in the Gmail service, documentation, which is stored in Google-Drive, video data of Youtube and other information, which is placed in numerous profiles of a portal of Google. Worldwide internet users expressed concern what happens to their data after their death. According to the company, they hope that the afterlife bequest will allow the people to plan the ​​digital afterlife, which protects their confidentiality and safety, making the life simpler for the relatives after the persons’ death. Google told, that users can choose that their data are removed after three, six, nine or 12 months of inaction. Besides, certain contacts can be sent data from some or all the services. In the bequest it is possible to define the successor, who will receive part or all data archive. Authorized representatives become full owners of property. Nevertheless, the company declared that the text under a condition, number or the address electronic the additional e-mail address to warn users before undertaking any action. Other companies also try to resolve issues, which arise after death of the person. For example Facebook allows users of “memorialize” of the account.