LED lamps based on the hourglass

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The designer of Danielle Trofe designed unusual sand LED lamps. Could you think that the [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] lamp can work from sand, is truer than the energy created at oversleeping of sand? Remember the well-known hourglasses, which were quite often used earlier, for example, in physioprocedural offices of hospitals, and also it are frequent and at schools during laboratory works on chemistry or physics. The designer from Brooklyn created LED lamps on the basis of usual hourglasses. The lamp is shining while sand pours. With this creation, the author wanted to show that alternative energy sources can be the most various and not less effective, than traditional power LED lamps based on the hourglasssources. In order that the hourglass lamp continued to shine, it needs to be turned. And it is so constant. And that they need to be overturned periodically, not such and a big problem if to consider that it at all doesn’t “twist” your counter. Besides, knowing time period for which all sand gets enough sleep, you can use this LED lamp not only on its direct appointment, but also as for hours.