Robot cat Cheetah-Cub

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Scientists from the Swiss Federal polytechnic school (EPFL) constructed the quadruped [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] walking robot. During the walking the robot imitates movements of a cat. Each of four extremities of the robot cat, which received the name Cheetah-Cub, consists of three sections connected by springs, and on a structure reminds a cat’s paw. Extremities are set in motion by servo-drivers. The robot cat has no head, and there is a wire on a tail. The advantages of robot cat are the small weight (about a kilogram), ability to move on rough surfaces and high speed. In the press release of EPFL it is reported that Cheetah-Cub is the fastest among robots, which weighing less than thirty kilograms. In a Robot cat Cheetah-Cubsecond it can overcome the distance seven times exceeding length of its own trunk. Development of the robot cat is conducted since 2008, but the working model still is in a prototype stage. When design works will be complete, Cheetah-Cub will be able to be used in research projects and in saving missions. Cheetah-Cub is not the only walking robot, which created based on the representative of family cats. So, the American company Boston Dynamics develops the Cheetah robot which, as well as the real cheetah, gathers speed at the expense of back bending.