AlterG – a bionic foot

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The future in which there are cyborgs, any more behind mountains. Directly today it is [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] possible to turn on partially in the robot, having got on itself couple of bionic foot under the name AlterG. According to developers, it won’t to remove them after several minutes of use. Looking as part of an exoskeleton from the future, bionic feet of AlterG surprisingly well repeat a shape of the real human feet and at all don’t hold down movement. Even on the contrary. According to testers, it is much more convenient to go and run in them, and there is a feeling that they increase force of muscles a little. Certainly, AlterG were created not for entertainments. These feet were developed first of all for people with various injuries of the bottom extremities, including the congenital. It is difficult to many people even to rise on a usual ladder, especially when each step is given by all body pain. For such case also created AlterG binoic foot. Their feature consists in unusual hydraulics, and also in very easy materials. Unlike the majority of similar devices, they practically don’t deliver inconveniences at movement. Also there is only one small nuance – while it isn’t known how the bionic foot behaves during car driving.