Antimatter particles on the Sun

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Astrophysics recorded and tracked the birth of positrons in the Sun upper atmosphere. [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] This supervision will help to understand why there is no anti-matter in the Universe. Scientists presented the opening at conference of the American astronomical community. It is considered that during the first instants after the Big Bang there was an equal quantity of a matter and antimatter particles. Nevertheless, today the world is filled with a usual matter. This fact is a physical riddle as matter and antimatter particles had to destroy each other while they appeared in future Universe. Therefore there is a question — where was gone the anti-matter and why there is a Universe. Gregory Fleishman from Institute of technology of New Jersey (USA) and two co-researchers suggest using the Sun for search of the answer to this question. According to astrophysicists, on the Sun and other stars there are all conditions for formation of antimatter particles. Their traces in radiation can’t almost be found because of small number of such particles. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be made. So, Fleishman and his colleagues noticed that radio wave traces of electrons and positrons considerably differ because they are twirled in different directions because of features in movement and rotation of these particles. Authors tried to find similar echo of positrons in Sun radiation, having studied its range in radio frequency range and other characteristics with help of orbital observatory of SOHO and Nobeyam’s land radio heliograph. As researchers note, resolution of these devices sufficed for detection of positrons in the Sun atmosphere. Fleishman and his colleagues believe that it will allow to use the Sun as peculiar laboratory on anti-matter studying.,NASA