Brain-to-Brain Communication is already not a Science Fiction

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According to science journal Plos One the international team of researchers from Starlab Barcelona in

Spain and Strasbourg successfully achieved brain-to-brain transmission of information between humans. For brain-to-brain transmission the researchers used electroencephalogram (EEG) and image-guided transcranial magnetic simulation technologies to transmit the greetings between test subjects from India to France in one study and from Spain to France in another.Electrodes were attached to a participant’s scalp on the emitter end. That person would think a greeting like “hola” and that information – gleaned through electrical currents read by the EEG technology – would be translated to binary code (a sequence of 1s and 0s) and then emailed to the receiver’s destination. The person on the receiving end would get the transmissions as a series of phosphenes, or flashes of light, seen in their peripheral vision. The light was received in a numerical sequence, with each “flash” corresponding to a different letter.
Brain-to-Brain communication

Brain-to-Brain communication