Scientists begin testing of artificial human heart

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Patients expect heart transplantation by months, and even for years. Only few from hundred [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] on the average have an opportunity of change of a vital, and the others remain to teeter on the brink lives and death. But now, 15 years of laborious works later, in the market of transplantology there is a new artificial human heart –in a cover from cow meat. New artificial heart was created by the French company Carmat. All hopes that cow artificial heart will be better, than nowadays existing artificial organs. The matter is that all artificial hearts slowly wear out when their mechanical details come into contact to an internal structure of the person.

Artificial human heart

Artificial human heart

Cow meat has to correct it. Artificail human heart already tests on the first people volunteers. And it means that people with such unusual heart will soon go on our planet. They won’t change, simply will be first-ever people at whom heart is half covered with cow meat. As for broad change of such heart, it is necessary to wait as early as one year. By the end of 2014 artificial human heart will be available in the transplantology market. The cost of such heart will be about 200,000 dollars.