Astronomers Discovered the Largest Water Reservoir in the Universe

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Two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest reservoir of water ever found in the Universe. Water, equivalent to 140 trillion of all the water of world Ocean, surrounded a giant black hole that is in the quasar 12 billion light years from Earth. According to Matt Bradford, surrounding of this quasar is unique and original. There is a huge amount of water. The water around the quasar is in the form of steam.Quasar, fueling a massive   black  hole,  absorbs  the  surrounding  dust  and gas. A black  hole  in  this quasar 20 billion times bigger than the mass of our Sun. This quasar is the name of APM 08279+5255. The energy that it produces a trillion times bigger than the energy which produced the Sun. 
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Around the quasar, the water accumulates in the form of steam,because of APM 08279+5255 has a warm dense atmosphere.