Gas streams of stars stopped growth of galaxy

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Scientists received the evident certificate that growth of galaxy is limited at the expense of [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] new stars. Supervision showed that new stars throw out gas streams which could go on a further increment of their quantity out of galaxy limits. The group of researchers of Germany, Canada and the USA used ALMA radio telescope for supervision. This tool is sensitive to a radio emission of submillimetric range. Studying the central part of a galaxy of NGC 253 scientists found some gas streams proceeding out of its limits. Thus the principle of supervision based on registration of radio waves, allowed to see only streams of the gas consisting of a monoxide of carbon that is carbon monoxide.

Gas streams of stars

Gas streams of stars

The chemical composition of gas specifies that streams of substance are formed not at the expense of hot plasma of stars (it consists generally of hydrogen), and at the expense of the cold interstellar gas picked up by a star wind. According to scientists it allows to speak about direct confirmation of the theory of self-restriction of growth of galaxy at the expense of emission by stars of surpluses of substance out of galaxy limits. The gas streams arising under the influence of a star wind also influence the birth of other stars in the galaxy. They can or blow off aside a necessary material, or, on the contrary, form sites of the increased density. Except rather stable star winds an important role is played by catastrophic events like flashes supernew with the advent of powerful shock waves. And galaxies can not only throw out gas streams, but also absorb them. The radio telescope ALMA is one of the largest radio telescopes in the history. At the moment engineers finish works on its completion, however the first observations with help of this complex were made in 2011. Official opening of ALMA took place on March 13, 2013.