Hubble telescope found new satellite of Neptune

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On July 5, 2013 it was confirmed about existence of one more, 14th satellite of the last planet [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″]  of Solar system – satellite of Neptune. The picture from the Hubble telescope shows recently opened companion of the Neptune at number S/2004 N1. The black-and-white picture was made in 2009 the Hubble telescope and a color picture of the Neptune in August, 2009. Thanks to new opening of this satellite, the number of the known moon round the last planet increased to fourteen. According to preliminary estimates scientists, diameter of the new S/2004 N1 satellite of Neptune is equal 16-20 km that is the smallest today the known companion of the Neptune. It so dim and small in a size that it is weaker approximately in 100 million times of the most dim star which the person can see with the naked eye. At Voyager-2 spacecraft flight by a planet in 1989, he couldn’t find this satellite.

New satellite of Neptune

New satellite of Neptune

The author of opening Mark Showalter from Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence/SETI/ could find this satellite during research of arches, and as segments round the Neptune. For its search there were used about 150 archival pictures of the Neptune, which were made by the Hubble telescope during the period from 2004 to 2009. The scientist could see a white point in pictures which is far behind ring segments in 65,400 miles from the Neptune, between orbits of other companions of Larissa and the Protea. The S/2004 N1 satellite of Neptune makes a complete revolution round a planet each 23 hours.