Origin of strange ravines in dunes on Mars

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Mysterious ravines on slopes of the dunes on Mars, found earlier in pictures from [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] automatic probes, appeared traces of big blocks of the frozen carbonic acid. By the results of research an artificial ice move down and then evaporate. Strange ravines in dunes on Mars drew long ago attention of scientists. It was obvious that they couldn’t be left streams of the current water: they had constant width (some meters) and they came to an end not with a cone of carrying out of breed as normal ravines, and it is blind or small deepening. The pictures made the camera of high resolution of HiRISE onboard a probe of MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter), showed that the ravines arise on those dunes on Mars, which during Martian winter become covered by a frost deposit from the frozen carbon dioxide. Besides, the ravines arose in the early spring and during this period in some of these ravines were visible bright objects. Scientists assumed that the ravines on dunes created blocks from the frozen carbonic acid. This acid slides down on “a gas pillow”, arising in the course of evaporation of an artificial ice. After a final stop evaporate, the acid having left after it small deepening.