Photos of Earth through rings of Saturn

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The space agency NASA published photos of Earth and Moon shot by device Cassini at

distance 1,5 billion kilometers from a surface of Saturn and Mercury. Thanks to a successful foreshortening it was succeeded to receive rare pictures of high resolution. The part of pictures was received with help of the camera placed on the device Cassini which is in rings of Saturn. Another part of pictures was received with help of the equipment of autonomous station Messenger from Mercury orbit in 98 million kilometers from our planet. The total eclipse of the Sun Saturn allowed scientists to take quite accurate pictures which haven’t been lit by a bright sunlight, and to imprint Earth between rings of Saturn.
Photos of Earth through rings of Saturn

Photos of Earth through rings of Saturn

By the words of chief researcher of the Messenger program Sean Solomon these photos of Earth were received within one day and testify to tremendous technical achievements in the field of research of planets. In pictures of the device Earth and its natural satellite look as two accurate being shine points: Earth – large, light blue, and the Moon – small, white. And both objects were removed through rings of Saturn. Today these photos of Earth are recognized by the best image of Earth from distant space.

BY the words of Linda Spilker, the member of mission of Cassini they can’t notice certain continents or people on Earth surface, but these images allow to see how our planet looks. Qualitative images of Earth are rare because of a close favor to the Sun. Because of bright light the probability of damage of a matrix of the camera of a telescope is high.