TGO and EDM for ExoMars Mission

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For the determination the existing the life on Mars, the European Space Agency (EAS) and Russian federal agency signed a contract.
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This contract allows them to work together on the ExoMars program. The EAS agreed to provide the Trace Gas orbiter (TGO) and the Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module (EDM)  in 2016, and the rover in 2018. The Russian part agreed to be responsible for both missions. Two partners will supply all the scientific instruments and will closely cooperate. By the TGO the researchers will search the presence of methane and other gases on the atmosphere of Mars. Also the TGO will collect information for the 2018 mission. The EDM will lend on Mars in 2016 and will support the key technologies for the mission of rover in 2018. The ExoMars rover will have a high resolution camera named PanCam. The features of rover will a infrared spectrometer and a molecule detector. The partnership of European and the Russian scientists is a big occasion for the ExoMars mission. Also this program allows the european and russian technologies and industries to compete with each other. Also Nasa will participate in the ExoMars mission. Nasa will provide such scientific instruments as Electra UHF radio package for TGO and EDM.