The intelligent knife iKnife will find cancer cells

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Scientists developed intelligent knife which in real time reports to surgeons about [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] availability of cancer fabric. At test in operational a intelligent knife iKnife with an accuracy of 100% defined existence of cancer cells in fabric. Earlier on such procedure was required about half an hour, and the patient all this time was under anesthetic. Tests of the intelligent knife were carried out by financing National institute of researches in the field of health care (Great Britain), the European Research council and National administration on researches and technologies (Hungary). As a rule, at treatment of a cancer tumor doctors rest special hopes of removal of the struck fabric. Not to allow cancer recurrence, the surgeon deletes not only cancer fabric, but also part healthy. However it is impossible to define what of fabrics is struck and what is healthy. For this reason for patients quite often is required the repeat of operation for full removal of a tumor. And in case of doubts a fabric sample directly during operation send for examination which occupies not less than half an hour. The principle of work of a scalpel of iKnife is based on electrosurgery which was invented in the 1920th years. Electrosurgical knifes use an electric current for fast heating of fabrics at a cut and thus reduce blood losses. The inventor of iKnife, doctor Zoltan Takats from

Clever knife iKnife

Clever knife iKnife

ImperialCollege in London, assumed that the smoke can become a source of biological information. For iKnife creation the researcher united an electrosurgical knife and a mass spectrometer which is used for definition of chemicals present at fabric. Various types of cages make excellent from each other types of metabolic substances in different concentration therefore, analyzing metabolism products; it is possible to submit information on a condition of fabric. In research for the first time scientists used the intelligent knife for the analysis of the fabrics collected at 302 patients of surgery. After creation of a database the doctor carried out 91 tests with iKnife in real time in operational (on samples of fabric of patients). It appeared that its data for 100% coincided with data of postoperative diagnostics of fabric.  In the long term, when iKnife becomes the ordinary surgical tool, it will be possible to reduce probability of recurrence of a tumor, so, the bigger number of patients will have a chance of long healthy life after operation. While the intelligent knife isn’t used by surgeons during real operations, but developers of a clever scalpel intend to change a situation soon.