New Theory about Birth of Monster Black Holes

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Team of scientists found that black holes in the center of galaxies are transformed into super-bright X-ray sources not as a result of collisions with other galaxies, as previously thought, but by internal processes in stellar systems.In the center of many of the large spiral galaxy are hidden supermassive black holes. Their weight in the millions and even billions of times greater then the mass of the Sun. In most galaxies, including our own, these black holes behave calmly.In some galaxies the central black holes behave in a very “aggressive” , ​​they throw out the powerful jets of matter to the surrounding and strongly emit X-rays.
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Such objects astronomers called active galactic nuclei.Astronomers believe that black holes are “included” as a result of collision or a close approximation of the galaxies. But now an international group of scientists, part of the collaboration of COSMOS, has determined that such cosmic accident trigger only a small fraction of active nuclei. The study’s authors examined data from the European orbital X-ray telescope XMM-Newton in the survey portion of the sky (the area around the full moon) in the constellation of a Sextant, where was discovered about 600 active galactic nuclei. Astronomers have discovered that most of the active nuclei located in galaxies with a large mass and a large number of dark matter. This was contrary to the prediction of the theory of collisions: if the supermassive black holes become active after the “accident”, they would be more common in galaxies with moderate mass, about a trillion solar masses.However, in galaxies the most active nuclei were about 20 times heavier than predicted by the theory of mergers.This indicates that black holes feed by processes of inside galaxies themselves, such as the instability disks or starbursts and not by collisions.

  • Kevin Alvey

    Fusion and it’s creation at the grandiose scale
    Could a black hole’s singularity be so dense that nothing really enters but if contact is made it separates the -/+ particles as well as creating dark matter/dark energy? Which, might explain our expanding universe (e.g. if all of the negative particles showed up like (- – + – + – – + – to infinity). Could this be the reason it would be too dense to actually swallow anything but, instead create the space around us? I would also guess that if the world’s largest hadron collider actually gets turned on & does what is supposed to do, it might create a black hole that would not suck us in but would however be too heavy for our space. Then, it would basically just rip us apart by its massive density like an impenetrable piece of matter expanding from within. The reason that the expansion of the black hole doesn’t envelope everything is that the space it creates stops it from doing so. For example, if somebody tried to hold up an anvil with a sheet of paper it would most certainly break through the paper. As for this anvil it is infinitely dense so it would continue to swell & create the matter around it. I also think that’s why when a supernova happens a black hole is created; to help in the creation of new stars as well as the space for those stars and that is the reason the positive always outweighs the negatives.

    Additional Details
    *I am saying that upon the primal stages of the black hole’s birth it grabs the closest objects to them thereby destroying them in the process. Now at some point after this it will cease its negative gravitational pull on the surrounding objects at this point in time it will start in the creation of dark matter/ dark energy = positive/MOND. I am definitely not counting out the big bang theory in anyway with this thought.

    *This is only a theoretical question for open minded individuals.
    *”MOND” (for modified gravity)-push pull effect.
    *You can find proof of theses black holes with radio telescopes E.G. the static noise reflected back from space.
    * Also see Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker metric

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