Water vapor in the atmosphere of Mars

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In the atmosphere of Mars there is more water vapor than in Earth atmosphere. [ad name=”Google Adsense-3 11″] Scientists from the American Space Agency NASA and Laboratory of Jet Movement were extremely surprised to that the Martian Prospecting Device MRO found a large amount of water vapor in the atmosphere of Mars.  It is so strange to realize that in the atmosphere of the dry and waterless world there is a water vapor. The water is in bigger quantity, than in the top layers of the terrestrial atmosphere.  For a long time scientists couldn’t understand from where water vapor on Mars.  It appeared that the secret is covered in water and ice clouds of Mars. Similar clouds were found by the main scientific Mars Climate Sounder tool, established onboard the Martian Prospecting Device. The similar clouds consisting of parts of ice and water vapor are observed in the atmosphere of Mars practically for all year.  Generally they are concentrated on the equator.  They are at the height from 10 to 30 kilometers over a surface of Mars. By the words of Armin Kleinboehl from Laboratory of Jet Movement they underestimated these water and ice clouds, however recently decided it to correct. They can have an important role in circulation of substances on Mars.
Now scientists are going to be engaged in detailed studying of these clouds in the atmosphere of Mars.