Weather Channel Has Created Artificial Visual Storm Surge

Weather Channel Has Created Artificial Visual Storm Surge

Weather Channel Forecast has created a fantastic visual effect that no one will be indifferent. On Thursday Atlanta-based television network has adopted graphics processing more common to video game makers in its productions. The first broadcast of release of live simulation is on Thursday.

If you do not imagine what it is about, watch the video below! It is astonishing, immersive mixed reality visual to accompany meteorologists in live broadcasts.

Weather Channel showed forecast storm surge for the Carolina coast as Hurricane Florence was approaching.

According to “On one level, yes, the visualization literally just shows what three, six, and nine feet of water looks like. But it’s showing that in a context most people have never experienced. It fills in the gaps of your imagination, and hopefully underscores for anyone in a flood zone all the reasons they should not be”.

“The National Hurricane Center puts out a live feed of their inundation data, telling at specific points where they identify how high the water level will be. We ingest that data, and that allows us to paint pictures, if you will,” says Michael Potts, TWC’s vice president of design. “Prior to that, we imagined what the different environments could be. You see the typical American street corner; we have others that we’re working on. We rapidly operationalized this one so that we could get this out and make sure we had the right safety messages out for this storm.”

“All the graphic elements are loaded up into the system. Then each one of the scenarios is called upon by the data from the National Hurricane Center, so the map that’s displayed is live and in real time. And that’s informing what the environment’s going to be,” says Potts. “The operator has a tool that lets him choose the right scenario.”