The Next Upcoming Full Moons

We have already witnessed a Blue Super Blood moon on January 31. This was a rare phenomenon that had happened the last month.
So, as we know a full moon can be only once in a month, but when it is happened twice in a month it is called unusual phenomenon. The very bright example is the Blue Blood moon.
This article will provide you interesting information about our astronomical calendar, that is going to happen.
The meaning of a full moon.
Every 29,5 days we witnessed the full moon’s face, and each month’s full moon has a unique name. This view happens when the earth comes between the sun and the moon.
Below you can read about the completed list of upcoming full moons, the dates: when they are going to fall on.
The next full moon in 2018.
In February-no full moon
In February there is no full moon, after the double excitement of January. To get information about Supermoon you can click here The 31st of January: Super Blue Moon.
March 2018: Worm moon
In 2018 we will see on March 2 at 12.51 am. This unique phenomenon has a lot of names. It is famous for as the Sap Moon, Crow Moon or Lenten Moon.
Pink moon: March 2018
There is no direct connection between names and the color. This phenomenon is named after the wildflowers which grow in Spring in Canada and the United States. This pink moon is very important because it is going to fall on the day of Easter- the first Sunday. We can witness the pink moon at 2,37 pm on March 31. It is also known as the Egg Moon or Fish Moon, because of the shad fish that swim upstream at this time of year.
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