Porsche 918 spyder hybrid

Porsche unveiled Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid sportscar

German sports car maker Porsche unveiled the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid supercar, which uses a combination of gasoline and electric power to improve acceleration while boosting fuel economy in around-town driving. Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid is all wheel drive which generates 887 horsepower from a V8 engine and electric motors on its front and rear axles, sprints from zero to 60 miles an hour in 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of 211 mph. The company said the new car “demonstrates the potential of the hybrid drive”. Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid has several driving modes. In the E-Power mode the car travels up to 18 miles on battery power and can accelerate to 60 mph in about seven seconds.

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Lamborghini Egoista

Lamborghini Egoista concept car for selfish drivers

Lamborghini celebrated the 50 anniversary with release of the single Lamborghini Egoista concept car. The car was presented by head of a brand Stefanon Vinkelman. In the company say that Egoista became a gift of car maker to itself, therefore the supercar will be never transferred to private hands. Appearance of the selfish supercar is cast by design of the Apache helicopter. The car is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber and coated, doing it imperceptible for radar. The stealth supercar is set in motion by the 5,2-liter 592-strong V10 motor. This concept car is constructed for one person to bring it pleasure and to emphasize his identity. It is the car without compromises. In a word, the Lamborgini Egoista concept car is car for selfish drivers.

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Acura SUV-X concept car

Acura brings style in SUV segment with SUV-X concept car

From uneconomical big pickups to new generation of thickset crossovers with a concept of SUV-X,Acura tries to take this following step. Passed nearly two decades since crossovers of Toyota RAV4 started filling roads, but you don’t know on what this style is based. Utilitarian – the kindest adjective, which can be applied to appearance of many crossovers. It seems that car makers simply didn’t think up how effectively to combine the management, the full drive and spacious salon. Such cars, Lamborghini Urus and MG Icon, are quite strong arguments against use of style of the super-sports car for piquancy giving to a crossover, but, probably, they simply yet absolutely finished a formula. The strong, sports view of Italdesign Parcour is quite good as the first GT all-terrain vehicle, but lost part of space and the advantage, which force people to buy crossovers first of all. Still compromise remains only the word. Acura used sports NSX style to present SUV-X, the first concept lately, the individual person. Influence is shown in lines of headlights, a bend of a nose and design of a lattice. Fortunately, Acura didn’t try to make back part similar to the sexual sports car, but presented to it esthetic back wings, the central fold and a bumper with a stoplight in the center.

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Nissan concept car Friend-ME

Nissan offers new concept car Friend-ME

According to forecasts, the huge automobile market of China will treble by the end of this decade, and these scenario forces producers of cars to fight for a reliable point of support, offering the best concepts. Nissan is one of these producers, and it turned the efforts to young buyers of the Chinese market and in these days will present the Friend-ME concept car in Shanghai. Friend-ME grows out of cooperation between teams of designers from Nissan Design China and Nissan Global Design Center. The concept of a sedan differs from other cars with a little aggressive look- low landing, effective headlights in the form of a boomerang, very futuristic forms on which founders didn’t regret a creative, and also a V-shaped form of a lattice, which smoothly flows in a sculptural cowl.

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Volkswagen CrossBlue concept car

Volkswagen unveil new concept car CrossBlue Coupe

On the Internet there were first official photos of a conceptual crossover of Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe. The first live display of a prototype will take place during a motor show in Shanghai. The shape of a novelty partly reminds the Volkswagen CrosBlue Coupe concept car, which was presented in November, 2011 on motor show in Tokyo. Similarities can be noticed in registration of a false radiator lattice and forward headlights. Also at Volkswagen concept cars the back part and a profile are similar. The novelty interior almost completely duplicates salon of the six-seater CrossBlue concept car, which presented in January of the current year on motor show in Detroit. Earlier it was reported, that the dimensional length of CrossBlue Coupe makes 4,89 meters, width – 2,02 meters, and the wheel base is equal 2,98 meters. Thus, new prototype any more only Tiguan of the current generation, but also Touareg. The last is ten centimeters shorter than a prototype. CrossBlue Coupe is equipped with the hybrid power plant, which combines pair of electric motors and petrol V-shaped six.

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Hyundai HND 9 exterior

Hyundai unveil new concept car HND 9

On a South Korean auto show in Seoul recently the Hyundai was presented to public effective concept car under the name HND-9. The car possesses so attractive look as though specially intends for superheroes from the American comics. In ultramodern appearance of the Korean concept car lines of other car from Hyundai – quite successful compartment of Genesis. Over design of HND-9 worked engineers from design the company – Namyang Design Studios. The new design philosophy, which Hyundai puts in the HND-9 sporty coupe, specifies that the company is ready to evolutionary breakthrough in the automobile future: the concept actually eclipses all previous development of Hyundai.

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Renault Twin'Z exterior

New electric car Renault Twin’Z

Renault declassified the appearance of a conceptual electric minicar of Twin’Z. The design of this car can become a basis of new models of the French brand. Five-door Renault Twin’Z has the following dimensions 3627 mm length, 1705 mm width and 1506 mm height. The wheel base of a hatchback makes 2495mm (130 mm more, than at a current minicar of Renault Twingo), and weight – only 980 kilograms. The set of lithium-ion accumulators hidden under a floor of passenger salon, provides models a course stock in 161 kilometers and the maximum speed in 130 kilometers per hour. The carbonic electric car Renault Twin’Z constructed on a tubular frame, received MacPherson in front and a suspension bracket on double cross levers in behind. The model is equipped with the 18-inch rims, which have been specially developed by tires Michelin of dimension of 205/40 R18 and Ohlins shock-absorbers. Appearance of electric car was developed in cooperation with the British designer Ross Lavgrouvom.

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BMW concept x4

BMW Concept X4 Coupe is the new head in the history of development of cars

BMW introduces the X4 Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month. BMW X4 Concept allows to glance to the future. The new concept of the Sports Activity Coupe model from BMW is urged to continue traditions of success of BMW X6 in a new class of cars. The X4 will probably have around 500 liters of space. The car will share engines with the X3, which means a 181bhp 2.0-litre diesel in the X4 20d, a 254bhp 3.0-litre straight-six in the X4 30d and a flagship using the same engine but producing 309bhp. The first serial BMW X4 car leaves from the conveyor in 2014. It will be issued at BMW plant in Spartanburg, the USA on which BMWS X5, BMW X6 and BMW X3 are made. Sports character of BMW Concept X4 is emphasized not only in prompt lines and car proportions, but also body dimensions – 4648 mm in length, 1915 mm in width and 1622 mm in height. At the first view of the new car at once it is visible that it is BMW: the recognizable double front grille and dual round forward headlights don’t allow to confuse this brand with any another.

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WRX Subaru concept car

WRX Subaru Concept Car

In New York auto show Subaru presents its WRX Concept. This model is sleeker and wider. The performance of WRX Subaru is flexing its muscles in its appearance. The company didn’t announce more information regarding details under the hood, which has bulge design, and it means that there is a new turbocharged engine. The new striking thing from the aggressive design of WRX Subaru is the carbon-fiber roof. For this model the roof is not a slick design feature but a way to reduce the car top weight and lower its center gravity. There are air intakes in the front part of WRX Subaru. The intakes will help the engine breathe, while the exhaust pipes hint that the next WRX will have a considerable upgraded performance. The car has 20-inch wheels holding of 245-section tires.

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