Technology of the 3D printed lithium ion batteries

The American physicists and engineers managed to develop technology of the three-dimensional press of lithium ion batteries of a food. The size of the received batteries makes about a millimeter, and the main scope of application developers call implanted devices. The electrodes of the new lithium ion battery turn out is thinner than a human hair while process of the press is completely automated and uses already existing models of three-dimensional printers. The main problem for the scientists was the selection of ink, a material used by the printer. Researchers managed to pick up substance which combines high electric conductivity with ability instantly to harden at contact with air and to remain liquid in the three dimensional printer.

Amazon develops touch screen smartphone with the three-dimensional display

The Internet giant Amazon develops the touch screen smartphone with the unusual interface using the three-dimensional display and technology of tracking eyes of the user. Images formed by the display have to soar over a display surface due to effect of the hologram. HTC and LG already made attempts to put on the market smartphones with the three-dimensional display, but they didn’t enjoy wide popularity because of need of creation of specific photos and video movies. The LG and Samsung companies in the latest smartphones also realized technology of tracking eyes of the user. It allows delivering to video on a pause in case the owner of the smartphone doesn’t look at the screen at present.

The unusual mirror with the 3d image of floating clouds

Designer Adam Frank created a mirror with the 3D image of floating clouds. To look itself in a mirror became already a few banal occupation. Usual reflection even if faultless, any more doesn’t please as earlier. Designer Adam Frank will present to you something new. During the BKLYN Designs 2013 exhibition, the designer presented a mirror of LUCID Mirror, which drew public special attention with the singularity. In appearance this is simple also a usual mirror, ideally smooth and equal, which accurately displays the objects. The mirror has an image of floating clouds in a 3D format. When you will look on the reflection in such mirror, you will see yourselves in soaring clouds and since the morning you will have a positive spirit for all day.

BotObjects presented the first full-color 3D printers

The manufacturing company of the software of BotObjects presented to the world the first full-color desktop the 3D printer. The BotObjects company created not simply the first the 3D ProDesk3D printer with full of color, but thanks to the anodized aluminum case, undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful. The purpose of the company was to think of how full of color 3D printers can look in 5 years to draw a line between ProDesk3D and its “contemporaries”. For the color printing, it uses system of the cartridges filled with polystyrene latex, capable to mix five basic flowers. As botObjects describes itself as the company according to the software and understands all problems connected with its installation, ProDesk3D works “directly from a box”: simply connect it to a network, it will be established automatically.

Elastic touch screen – new generation of flexible displays

The touch screens are rather convenient invention of the person. But, unfortunately, their form is rather static: it is only flat screen, though touch. But, it is quite possible, that now everything will change. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Dary Dend and Rob Hemsli created the revolutionary flexible display, which they designated as the elastic display. Feature of the flexible display is that it is capable to change a form then without effort to come back to an initial condition. Screen surface so elastic, that the user can extend it, press and squeeze. The principle of work consists in the following. There is a 3D projector from above the display, which role consists in tracking of manipulations, which are made by the person.

Smart TV Vulnerable To Hackers

According to redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports Samsung Smart TV connected to the Internet are vulnerable to exploits by remote hackers, security researchers. Researchers uncovered the vulnerability, which exists in most Samsung models but particularly the Samsung TV LED 3D. The flaw makes it easy for hackers to locate the television’s IP address on the Internet, which can then be used to remotely access the device and gain the same level of control as someone sitting right next to the TV. Once a hacker has remote access, they could then steal data or install malicious code on the TV.

Theater With Extra Special Effects

The Korean company has created a theater with such additional special effects like shaking seats, fog, strobe light and odors that are synchronized with the actions of characters in the film at the theater.Company CJ 4DPlex already opened an office in Los Angeles, where computer programs are written for the militants.

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