Theater With Extra Special Effects

The Korean company has created a theater with such additional special effects like shaking seats, fog, strobe light and odors that are synchronized with the actions of characters in the film at the theater.Company CJ 4DPlex already opened an office in Los Angeles, where computer programs are written for the militants.

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World’s First Glasses-Free 3D-Monitor with Eye-Tracking LG DX2000

South Korean company LG has announced a new Glasses-Free LED-display with integrated webcam, which is not only used for video conferencing, but also for tracking movements of the user’s eye (Eye-tracking). Model DX2000 has a screen size of 20 inchesand support for 3D-technology without the need for special stereoscopic glasses.

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Three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0 for Cars

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0.Right on the dashboard of a car it will show all the places in which you go the streets, the houses, the prices in the surrounding restaurants. In addition, he will know how to bypass traffic congestion.
Navigator makes the whole interior of the car on the screen with dozens of interactive gauges, ranging from the technical condition of cars and congestion and ending discounts in shops along the road and time of arrival home. This program will adapt to the wishes of the driver.

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Sonys SmartAR System

Sony has developed a system called SmartAR This is the integrated technology of supplemented reality It consists of the technology of augmented reality and robotics technology

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The Smallest 3D printer

A research team at the Vienna University of Technology designed the smallest, low-cost 3D printer.The Vienna prototype 3D printer is very smaller, look like carton of milk. It weighs just 1.5 kilograms, and can be manufact ured for only 1200 Euros.

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