Three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0 for Cars

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0.Right on the dashboard of a car it will show all the places in which you go the streets, the houses, the prices in the surrounding restaurants. In addition, he will know how to bypass traffic congestion.
Navigator makes the whole interior of the car on the screen with dozens of interactive gauges, ranging from the technical condition of cars and congestion and ending discounts in shops along the road and time of arrival home. This program will adapt to the wishes of the driver.

First Phone With Dual-Core Processor Optimus 3D

LG unveiled its latest phone, called the Optimus 3D, at the Mobile World Congress, which opened this week.The company has tested his device by Quadrant and received a final score of 2,958 points. It is worth noting that the estimate of most modern phones based on Android, rarely exceed the mark of 1400 points.

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