New IOS 11.3 Has Just Released with New Features

On Thursday, Apple released iOS 11.3, the latest update to its mobile operating system. The updated software came standard on Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad declared this week, and is now available to download for iPhones and iPads. The iOS 11.3 update includes new features like improved augmented reality, new Animoji (if you have an iPhone X), and a beta version of iPhone Battery Health, which let you see information about your iPhone’s battery capacity and performance.

Wearable Device Tracks Patient’s Stomach Health

A team of engineers and physicians has created a wearable device, non-invasive system to monitor electrical activity in the stomach over 24 hours: essentially an electrocardiogram but for the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. Wearable device involves monitoring GI activity for patients outside of a clinical setting, which decrease costs. Monitoring for longer periods of time also grows the likelihood of capturing uncommon cases.

New Tooth Sensor Can Track What a Human Eats

Scientists do their best creating innovative technology that is helpful and effective. Now they have created tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what a human eats. The aim is to use wireless real-time monitoring to increase medical understanding between diet and health. Researchers claim that future adaptations of these sensors could enable the detection and recording of a wide range of nutrients, chemicals and physiological states.

Cloaking Device is Created by Toyota Which Let Objects Become Invisible

Toyota is developing a device that would allow objects to become invisible, or at least transparent. Owing to scientists who worked hard to create such a technology, now it may come into reality. The development of cloaking device technology is Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. Cloaking device is a theoretical technology that can cause objects, such as spaceships or individuals, to be partially or entirely invisible to parts of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. Fictional cloaking devices have been used as plot devices in numerous media for many years.

Huawei 512 GB Storage Smartphone Coming Soon

Huawei 512 GB Storage Smartphone has recently started up in Europe. The Chinese manufacturer will be launching the P20 and P20 Pro at the end of this month coming Tuesday in Paris. Leaked renders of both phones have appeared through multiple sources in the recent weeks. Huawei P20 Lite was on pre-order in Poland and China over the past week and will be available for shipments starting March 26.

Robotic Fish Can Discover the Secret Life of Ocean Wildlife

In a new study published in Science Robotics, researchers at MIT reveal robotic fish of its kind ever built. Armed with a camera and a lifelike wiggle, the device could one day help biologists observe the health of marine habitats without stressing out their aquatic denizens. MIT has designed and built a soft-bodied robot that looks and swims exactly like a fish. It is so realistic that even Fish in Fiji cannot understand that is not a real.

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