Robot Solve the Rubiks Cube

Team of students from Suinbernskogo University of Technology have developed a robot named Ruby that could solve the Rubik’s cube.The machine is able to solve the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube in 10.69 seconds. Recorded time includes the time it takes the machine to scan the cube before the decision

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Robot That Can Themselves Learn

Some time ago was created robot ARMAR-IIIa by scientists working at the center of robotics. ARMAR-IIIa has 43 degrees of freedom and many sensors.But scientists didn’t stop and continued their works. So now they created an new robot, called ARMAR-IIIb. This robot has a special platform wich helped the robot to analyze observations, voice’s instructions and also gestures

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Personal Robot Luna

California telepresence company RoboDynamics recently created a new personal robot, called Luna.Luna is just over 5 feet tall and weighs 65 pounds. It has an 8-inch LCD screen, camera and microphone systems, as well as 10-bit wheel encoders and a PrimeSense 3D Sensor.

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Robot snake


Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently created snake-like robot capable of swimming through granular material.

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Robot don 8r

Robot Don 8r

Student of the University of Dundee in Scotland Tim Pryde with the Dundee Science Centre produced modern robot, called DON-8r, that can move through the city streets and collect donations.He moves on a certain territory within a certain time, then actually stops begins to glow in different colors. This process continues until the man will not throw a coin or bill in the unit, then DON-8r thank the passer and will continue to further its work.DON-8r must show in two exhibitions in May and July.

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Robot Caterpillar

Researchers from Tufts University (USA, Massachusetts) has developed a new model of the robot from a soft material, based on the study of wave-like motion, used by many caterpillars.

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