Robot snake


Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently created snake-like robot capable of swimming through granular material.

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Robot don 8r

Robot Don 8r

Student of the University of Dundee in Scotland Tim Pryde with the Dundee Science Centre produced modern robot, called DON-8r, that can move through the city streets and collect donations.He moves on a certain territory within a certain time, then actually stops begins to glow in different colors. This process continues until the man will not throw a coin or bill in the unit, then DON-8r thank the passer and will continue to further its work.DON-8r must show in two exhibitions in May and July.

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Robot Caterpillar

Robot Caterpillar

Researchers from Tufts University (USA, Massachusetts) has developed a new model of the robot from a soft material, based on the study of wave-like motion, used by many caterpillars.

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