Robotic Challenge is the latest entrant of DARPA CHALLENGE $2m program. This is four-limbed robot, which has strength as human, and can climb ladders or use tools. The CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform (CHIMP) uses tracks on the limbs. These tracks help the triple-fingered manipulators to climb the ladders, turn a wheel or remove debris. The robotics engineers, which built the CHIMP think, that in pinch the robot can do anything.The robot is controlling by the people, and provides self protection behavior. This allows the CHIMP to be associated with a robot of fully autonomous.For $2m prize of DARPA CHALLENGE, the participants have to operate the robot without a power, enter and clear a rubble-strewn area, climb ladders, operate valves and use tools.

Repyuta Cloud Engine Database System for the Robots

The robots will have its own information database Repyuta, which is database like Google and Wikipedia. Now the robots can access “Brain” in the cloud. The part of the European RoboEarth Project a “World Wide Web for robots” has a goal to standardizing the robots to feel the world. By this program the robots can download information from internet for performing the tasks. Repyuta will serve to the central database of robots information uploaded from other robots. The advantage of this program is that on the boar a robot will not pack a lot of computing power. This will happen by using “the cloud”. The database system will make robots not expensive, as the robots don’t need to process all their power. The creators of Repyuta’s said that if the wireless information will have more speed, the robotic thinking can be more offloaded to the web. The Repyuta will be more efficiently especially in such Repyuta, which has not a pilots, for example for self-driving cars or drones.

Boston Dynamics created BigDog Robot

The Boston Dynamics engineering company with funding of Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, created a robotic dog named BigDog. These robot dogs can help researchers by learning new tricks. BigDog robot can climb, run, slop about 35 degrees, walk through water, snow and rubble. BigDog can run approximately 12,8 miles without stop and refueling. BigDog robot also can carry 340 -lb cargo.

DARPA Quadruped Has Become Faster and Smarter

In DARPA Quadruped robot new version embedded tracking device so he learned how to automatically follow a commands. Thus, the device no longer requires control directly. New version of DARPA Quadruped is much quieter than its previous version. The robot can move around on the road, carrying with over 180 kg of cargo. However, without recharging it can go up to 32 miles. Assuming that the DARPA Quadruped robot will be used primarily for military purposes. He will be able to carry military supplies and equipment.This will increase the mobility of military units.

Kuratas Robot Controlled by iPhone

A Japanese company called Suidobashi Heavy Industries recently revealed its 13-foot mech robot named Kuratas. Kuratas is the brainchild of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics researcher Wataru Yoshizaki. Kuratas can be controlled in three ways – either through a controller, a master slave, or an iPhone. The robot runs on an operating system called V-Sido and it is outfitted with a launcher and a twin Gatling gun.

Robotic Bird Successfully Perches on Human Hand

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have duplicated the control functions that allow birds to successfully perform a soft landing-in this case, perching on a human hand. By replicating the features that enable birds to make a soft landing, including the flapping wings that help them change direction, the researchers could develop the first micro aerial vehicle (MAV) capable of swooping down to perch on a human hand.

ATEC Robot That Jumps 30 Feet

Boston Dynamics, creator of the very awesome BigDog and a menagerie of other bots, is sending two small reconnaissance robots to the U.S. Army for testing. Sand Flea and RHex, developed with funding from the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force, are off to the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) to pass safety and reliability assessments.Three RHex units have already been delivered to ATEC and Sand Fleas will join them later this year, Boston Dynamics said in a release.

Hitachi EMIEW 2

Hitachi has upgraded their office assistant robot. The adorable, metallic-haired EMIEW 2 has been given permission to go on the internet. When shown an object, EMIEW 2 can take a snapshot with its camera and perform a quick online search for similar images to help it determine what the object is. With the help of new network of cameras positioned throughout the office space, EMIEW 2 can locate specific objects and guide people to them. Using speech recognition, you can ask for an object by name and it will automatically try to find one for you. In the following demonstration, the EMIEW 2 recognizes a camera sight unseen and locates a pair of scissors squirreled away in a corner.

Robot That Can Draw Sketch of People

The Frauhofer robot, which is normally used to analyze the optical reflection properties of various materials, will draw a portrait of anybody willing to sit still in a chair for about ten minutes. The robot uses a camera to study its subject, edge-processing software to seek out the contrasts in the image, and translates them into movements of the robot’s arm. The arm which holds a pencil turns draws the portrait on a piece of paper in front of it. This robot is pretty cool combination of art, science and technology.

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