This Neoblast Cell May Regrow an Entire Animal

A team of scientists are able to recognize which neoblast cells are responsible, and how a single cell can regrow an entire animal. The cell known as neoblast may have an ability to turn into any cell in the body. But when the organism develops, the cells become more and more specialized until it reaches the point at which when born, the body no longer contains any neoblasts.

Two Headed Snake Has Been Discovered in Louisiana

This two headed snake which is very extraordinary is found in Louisiana. Wildlife educator Tanee Janusz, 39, adopted the western snake when a fellow member of her naturalist society found it slithering around his garden. She named these two headed snake Gumbo and Filo as a tribute to their hometown, New Orleans. The twins share a tail, but sometimes they can’t control the direction of their shared body, because Gumbo is more dominant than Filo.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches Around the World

One of the satisfying and pleasant places in the world is considered the beaches, but not always they are safe, there are some dangerous beaches that isn’t recommended to visit. Some of them are actually very dangerous for numerous reasons. If you would like to enjoy a quiet and adrenaline-free vacation, you should avoid these top 10 most dangerous beaches.

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