The Volcano Nabro by NASA’s EO-1 Satellite

From a height of about 700 kilometers EO-1 satellite could directly look into the crater of the volcano. Using the pictures not only in visible, but also in the infrared range, the researchers created a false color image, which shows the hottest regions in the vicinity of the vent. In particular, fresh lava flows and emissions of gas and dust into the atmosphere are well visible.

The Human Brain Analogous Computer

Professor Henry Markram, intends to create the largest computer in the world, which will be analogue of the human brain. The Human Brain Project, which will be implemented at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva, aims to create a carbon copy of the brain in 2023.

Martian Droplike Islands

According to team of researchers led by Lorena Moskardelli from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) Martian droplike “islands” have formed deep under the water. Scientists emphasize striking similarity between the features of the Martian terrain and elongated hills on the seabed off the coast of Trinidad, confirming the hypothesis that in ancient times the northern plains of the Red Planet covered by the ocean.

A New Method to Combat With Warming

UN is considering a project to output into Earth orbit the huge mirrors that reflect sunlight back into space. Thus, scientists hope to reduce the rate of global warming.A mirror can be an “umbrella” from a thin reflective membrane.This isn’t the only way to combat global warming proposed by scientists. They consider worthy of consideration even methods such as whitening clouds with sea water

World’s Most Powerful Computer

Company Fujitsu has developed the most powerful PC performance computer of the world. The supercomputer, called K Computer was created in common with the Research Institute of Japan, Riken.This computer system capable of performing 8.162 quadrillion calculations per second. K Computer more than three times the performance ahead of previous leader of the Chinese computer Tianhe-1A

From Tokyo to Paris in a 2.5 Hours

Eight years after the decommissioning of Concord, the European company EADS considers that the supersonic passenger jet could return, but not earlier than 2050. The owners of Airbus believes that the new engine technology can make supersonic travel cost-effective and environmentally acceptable. The company estimates the speed of Mach 4 achievable – they account for almost 5,000 kilometers per hour.

Operation оf NASAs Cassini Spacecraft Suspended

Operation of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft suspended on Tuesday, June 14, 2011, after a series of voltage shifts on the spacecraft.The instrument has additional capacitors in the power lines for noise reduction. Engineers worried that one or more of these capacitors may have short-circuited, which would cause the voltage to shift and explain the observed changes

The First Night Solar Power Plant

In late May, the company Torresol Energy launched the operation of power plant Gemasolar Power Plant (earlier known as Project Solar Tres Power Tower), near Seville in Fuentes de Andalusiya.Power plant, with 19.9 megawatts maximum capacity, will produce 110 gigawatt-hours of energy per year

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