Underwater Volcanoes of Antarctic

Scientists discovered 12 previously unknown underwater volcano in Antarctic.The researchers studied the topography of the bottom near the South Sandwich Islands from 2007 to 2010. With the help of sonar, they could find new volcanoes.The height of some of them up to three kilometers.

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Bag With Built-in Solar Panel

Bag with built-in solar panel Element5 Mini L Solarbag not only protects your iPad from bumps and scrapes, but also extend battery life. Here is used the solar panel fundamentally new design, called BluCell, which makes effective use of solar energy.Mini L Solarbag BluCell -Solar Panel provides its internal eMicro battery with a constant flow of energy as soon as sunlight hits your bag.

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Get Fuel from Plastic is Reality

Scientists around the world are developing techniques for processing of plastics into hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel gas). According to calculations one kilogram of plastic waste (bags, bottles, etc.) can get 1 liter of gasoline. Еssence of the method is quite simple, the big hydrocarbon molecules break into smaller ones.

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Energy From the Air

At a symposium at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics (Washington, USA) introduced a new technology for antennas that can accumulate the energy of electromagnetic waves from the environment.Any electrotechnics emits electromagnetic waves while working. Scientists from the Institute of Technology (Georgia, USA) decided to create a device that allows you to use this energy, providing them a tiny electrical devices such as wireless sensors, microprocessors, and more.

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Personal Flying Car SoloTrek

The command of engineers headed by aircraft engineers Michael Mosher and Robert Belga expects to building of passenger hybrid aeromobiley.The car will be the second and improved model of the passenger car with vertical take off and landing SoloTrek XFV which the command has developed earlier.The newest working out will be based on the same technology which engineers used in SoloTrek. Now the group searches for someone for financing of the projects.

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Electricity from the Asphalt

In Israel learned to produce the electricity from the asphalt. Passing on highway cars will produce electricity to its pressure. New technology are experiencing on northern Israel. However, the project has still many unresolved issues. When the invention is go to the masses is still unknown.One of the problems, not relating directly to development, lies in the fact that the inventors don’t know how to smuggle the device in abroad.

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Piezoelectric Plates for Charging Batteries

Researchers from the University of RMIT (Australia) and Australian National University, offered to produce batteries that accumulate the electric charge produced by piezoelectric plates. These plates produce electricity at a pressure on them. As explained by Madhu Baskaran, one of the researchers, plate, for example, can be built into the sole of the shoe that while jogging to produce electricity,

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The “Roadable Aircraft”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has granted Terrafugia’s petition for temporary exemption from four federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) requirements for the company’s Transition roadable aircraft or “Flying Car”.Terrafugia is a new company, and the Transition is a unique, dual-purpose vehicle designed for both flying and driving.

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Airplane on Vegetable Oil

According to scientists, very soon, the aviation industry will be harmless to the environment. British airline Thomson Airways plans to make first flight its airliner that runs on vegetable oil, to Spain.How expected it will be in July 28, 2011.After that Thomson Airways will receive the necessary approvals, one of its planes will fly from Birmingham in the direction of the city of Palma, Mayorka.While that the production of vegetable oils for aircraft more costly than traditional jet fuel production, the company took the initiative reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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