Spider webs use electricity to catch insects

According to scientific results, a spider webs and positively loaded subjects, such as insects flying by, attract each other. After all, moving wings of insects not simply hold the owners in air, they develop electricity. Bees can develop electric charges up to 200 volts, which is quite enough to separate pollen from flower stamens. Within the research Victor Manuel Ortega-Jimenez and Robert Dudley studied sensitivity of a spider webs to electrostatic charges of insects and water drops. In a basis of this work was defined earlier research as a result of which was necessary extent of deformation of a web from hit of victims in it. We know that for victim capture the spider webs is capable to change the form. But how? The researchers collected all web in the territory of a university campus in Berkeley. Scientists carried out a series of experiments to check reaction of a web to subjects flying by, more exact – a drop of water. As scientists noted, the threads of a web located radically and especially on a spirals, were quickly attracted to the electrified bodies. In check experiments in which were used insects and drop of water without electric charges, it was not observed such change of a form of a web.

Antimatter particles on the Sun

Astrophysics recorded and tracked the birth of positrons in the Sun upper atmosphere. This supervision will help to understand why there is no anti-matter in the Universe. Scientists presented the opening at conference of the American astronomical community. It is considered that during the first instants after the Big Bang there was an equal quantity of a matter and antimatter particles. Nevertheless, today the world is filled with a usual matter. This fact is a physical riddle as matter and antimatter particles had to destroy each other while they appeared in future Universe. Therefore there is a question — where was gone the anti-matter and why there is a Universe. Gregory Fleishman from Institute of technology of New Jersey (USA) and two co-researchers suggest using the Sun for search of the answer to this question. According to astrophysicists, on the Sun and other stars there are all conditions for formation of antimatter particles.

X ray video showed the bats in the movement

The researchers were able to capture the X ray video, in which the bats in the flight. By the words of scientists, the bats have energy in their bicep. This energy helps the bats in the air to be more powerful among the other winged mammals. The researchers used the imaging technology for X ray video making, thanks to which they saw the bats in the air. By the words of the leader of the research Nicolai Konow, (University of Brown), the bats are storage their energy in the triceps tendon. This is extra ability for bats, as the tendons of mammals are thick to be stretched. Using the 3d technology named by XROMM the group of researchers was able to see the internal skeletal movement. The technology of XROMM of bone morphology models is the same as the X ray video biplanar. Also the researchers found another method named by fluoromicrometry. In this method the radio markers are placed into muscle.

Chilean and Japanese Volcanoes settle after strong earthquakes

According to the data received by the satellite of ALOS, five Japanese volcanoes settled on the average on 15 centimeters in comparison with the sizes only a few years ago. All of these volcanoes settled down on the island of Honshu at distance of 200 kilometers from earthquake epicenter. As the precondition subsidence was served by an earthquake of 2011. The same happened after an earthquake measuring 8,8 points by the Richter scale to all Chilean volcanoes located in a zone with a diameter of 400 kilometers from epicenter. The similar effect appeared quite normal consequence of strong earthquakes.

Chemists found a new way of seawater desalination

Researchers from the Texas University in Austin (USA) and Marburg University (Germany) thought up a new way of seawater desalination. They created small electric field which removed salt from sea water. The new method doesn’t demand big expenses of energy (the device can work at ordinary batteries) and it is much simpler than methods of water desalting existing nowadays. Now process is patented and is in commercial development. For seawater desalination researchers gave the small tension (3 V) on the plastic chip with sea water. The chip contains two micro channels on which are built-in joint electrodes for creation of area of exhaustion of ions in sea water. Change in electric field leads to that salt “is pulled together”, goes to one canal, and desalinated water in another.

Scientists simplified a rubber hand illusion

Researchers from the Italian University Chieti-Pescara found out that in classical experiment with a rubber hand illusion isn’t required the real tactile feelings to the person. Now the expectations are capable to replace them. Classical experiment with a rubber hand, which was described Botvinik and Cohen in Nature in 1998, is carried out as follows. The volunteer is seating at the table where the right or left rubber hand lies. And the corresponding hand of the participant of experiment hides behind a screen or under a table. The experimenter two brushes starts touching at the same time a rubber hand and a hand of the volunteer. Approximately two-three minutes later two thirds of experimental have a resistant feeling of that the rubber hand belongs.

Fructose solution allows to make transparent part of a body

With fructose solution, Japanese neurophysiologists learned to do transparent any part of a body including a brain. The fructose solution is not breaking the structure and a form of transparent part. Takeshi Imai from the KyotoUniversity and his colleagues learned to do transparent part of a body, experimenting special solutions which can change refraction coefficient at different fragments of a body. As biologists explain, the increase in its value allows to make “invisible” molecules of fats and sugars in tissues of a body which usually absorb waves of visible light. During these experiments scientists noticed that solution of fructose possesses ideal coefficient of refraction at a temperature of 37 degrees. Biologists added in it the special substances suppressing reactions between fructose and some substances in tissues of a body. Biologists checked solution in operation on several germs of a mouse, and also preparations of a brain of a young and adult rodent. In three days of a soaking in fructose solution all test samples became completely transparent.

The Blue Lake in the New Zealand is the most pure lake in the world

There are some crystal-clear lakes under the name “Blue Lake” in New Zealand. In the world there are some lakes with the similar the “Blue Lake”. Such lakes are in the USA, Croatia, Australia, and Switzerland. All of them received the name for purity and surprisingly blue color. According to scientists, there is most purely lake among all these transparent and pure lakes. The most pure lake is in New Zealand. The photographer Klauss Thymann personally checked purity and transparency of this lake with name the “Blue Lake”. Klauss Thymann opened for himself this wonderful New Zealand lakes during the expedition on photography of glaciers of the world.

The next supermoon will be in 2014

On June 23 fans of the nature observed the colorful astronomical phenomenon – the supermoon. This day being in the full phase Moon passed a perigee. By data, the distance of the supermoon made 356 991 kilometers that on 27 thousand kilometers is closer, than usually. At this time the visibility of a disk of the Moon was 14% higher, and reflective ability grew by 30%. During the next supermoon it will be possible to observe star approximations to Earth on August 10, 2014. The “SuperMoon” term is very young – for the first time it applied to the characteristic of a perigee, which passed in the spring of 2011. The similar phenomenon is observed each one and a half years and is capable to cause different natural disasters or even unusual behavior of people. However, the majority of scientists is rejected by such assumptions and calls them prejudices.

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