Disappeared comet dive bombs

Disappeared Comet Dive Bombs

This week Comet Dive Bombs plunged into the sun. NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory ( SOHO) spacecraft shows a huge coronal mass ejection erupt from the sun’s surface shortly before a comet dove towards the sun and disappeared. The comet was first discovered by amateur astronomer Sergey Shurpakov. Astronomers think that the comet was part of the so-called Kreutz family of comets. Kreutz comets are comets in orbits that approach within a few hundred thousand miles of the sun.

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New Asteroid GP59

New Asteroid GP59

Amateur astronomer Nick James from the English Essex by 11-inch telescope on the night of April 11, discovered the asteroid 2011 GP59, which acutely changes the brightness every few minut.

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