Acura SUV-X concept car

Acura brings style in SUV segment with SUV-X concept car

From uneconomical big pickups to new generation of thickset crossovers with a concept of SUV-X, Acura tries to take this following step. Passed nearly two decades since crossovers of Toyota RAV4 started filling roads, but you don’t know on what this style is based. Utilitarian – the kindest adjective, which can be applied to appearance of many crossovers. It seems that car makers simply didn’t think up how effectively to combine the management, the full drive and spacious salon. Such cars, Lamborghini Urus and MG Icon, are quite strong arguments against use of style of the super-sports car for piquancy giving to a crossover, but, probably, they simply yet absolutely finished a formula. The strong, sports view of Italdesign Parcour is quite good as the first GT all-terrain vehicle, but lost part of space and the advantage, which force people to buy crossovers first of all. Still compromise remains only the word. Acura used sports NSX style to present SUV-X, the first concept lately, the individual person. Influence is shown in lines of headlights, a bend of a nose and design of a lattice. Fortunately, Acura didn’t try to make back part similar to the sexual sports car, but presented to it esthetic back wings, the central fold and a bumper with a stoplight in the center. The concept car makes pleasant first impression and well looks at the exit. The sports forward part of the car would well be added with a decreasing roof, but Acura gave SUV-X a straight line and a flat roof what we saw on any crossover. More detailed characteristic it isn’t provided, as well as information on high-speed qualities. But it is possible to admire appearance of SUV-X.

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