Aqua Concept of Volkswagen

Volkswagen has decided not to lag behind other innovators and shocked people with
their new concept called Aqua. Volkswagen Aqua Concept – is a terrific vehicle air-cushion designed for racing on land, water, snow and ice. With the help of the so-called air cushion formed by the pumped air under the bottom, Aqua Concept can travel at high speeds on almost any surface.It looks futuristic, slightly smacks of a submarine or space plate UFOs. In China, this interesting concept won the award for “Best SUV. ” Why China? The fact that Volkswagen Aqua Concept was developed precisely to Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang to world-renowned autocompanies.From the technical characteristics of the new concept is known only that his body is made of lightweight and durable composite and that it will be equipped with multiple engines: two hydrogen and two electric motors. The main engine is responsible for the rise of the colossus in the air, will be located under the chassis. It will be pumping air under high pressure, and make the concept of rise. There is no friction, but there is a great speed. Aqua Concept is designed for two people.Say what you like, but the concept looks really elegant. The main thing is, and in fact he was a practical and functional.