Chevrolet Era Eco Concept Car

Designer Ian Briggs of the Art Center College of Design introduced eco concept car 2020
Chevrolet Era with solar panels on the roof. 2020 Chevrolet Era is another name for “Cleaner”, give to the creator of its “clean design”. Spherical solar panel on the roof of the car, which accumulates the solar energy and converts it into electricity, making the car 100% eco clean. The front headlights primary also are an indicator of battery charge.The car has a smooth aerodynamic shape and looks very powerful. The young designer decided to create a high-speed eco-car that will be dramatically different in design and technical characteristics of the average car, which we see daily on the roads. Who knows, perhaps, Chevrolet interested in unusual, but 100% stylish concept Jana Briggs and wish to implement it. Maybe someday we’ll see this monster in our dusty roads.