Company Audi is Ready to Launch Its new Electric Car Concept

Company Audi ready to launch the third model 2011 Audi A2 electric.
2011 Audi A2 is one of the finest electric car with a length of 3.8 meters (12.47 feet), width 1.69 m, height 1.49 m. 2011 Audi A2 is a stylish five-door hatchback with a panoramic roof and spacious salon for four seats. He was a stylized with dynamic lights, which move along the length of the car body. During the movement, they pulsate, showing the dimensions of the car, and during braking from the rear lights in the front of  the body “runs” the wave of red light that shows surrounding the intensity of slowing down. It has fantastic LED lights of the new generation, consisting of a set of LEDs and micro-reflector, forming a powerful, but not blinding beam of light. The taillights combine in themselves LED section and fog lamps based on laser diodes, which can change the light intensity depending on weather conditions. Quadruple salon received completely flat floor with runners on which the seat can move back and forth independently of each other, and between the rear seats can be installed platform for the transport of bicycles. Control of all functions of the car will occur with the help of touch screens one of them is located at the wheel and the second to the right of the driver, but it is activated only when the driver takes his place. The doors of the concept unlocked with the help of gestures.