Electric Flying Drone Taxi Has Come to Reality

Electric Flying Drone Taxi Has Come to Reality

The company has created one of the newest and latest technologies; electric flying drone taxi, that is called “Formula”. They developed a new formula for the flying car, that combines three privileges in one concept. These are “convenience, safety and speed”.

According to their official website “We see that other amazing eVTOL projects have been designed for the future. Yet none of them can be used today – they cannot be parked at the store or placed in a garage, so we looked to create something for the present. You will not realize how quickly this technology will become a part of your life”.

The concept of electric flying drone taxi is not a copter or an airplane, it is a machine that combines the best of both designs. Owing to the high technology systems, the makers have created a unique system in which the vehicle can be both a copter and an aircraft.

As mentions in their website “If the wing fails, the copter will land. If the copter fails, the plane will help you land. We have also included the most advanced ballistic parachute for emergency situations created by BRS Aerospace. In most S/VTOL designs propellers are rotated to switch from vertical takeoff mode to airplane mode – this is their main problem. 90% of the accidents from the famous V-22 Osprey are associated with this. We have solved this problem: if there are no rotary engines, there are less problems”.

Formula flying car’s cost of energy: $0.29/1 km ($0.48/mile). The price is based on energy consumption, utilization and use of automated navigational aids. The cost of a 1 km ($0.48/mile) path is composed of 3 basic parameters:

  • Cost of energy – $0.10
  • Utilization – $0.07
  • Control services – $0.12

Source: www.hoversurf.com

Image Credit: www.hoversurf.com