Lamborghini Egoista

Lamborghini Egoista concept car for selfish drivers

Lamborghini celebrated the 50 anniversary with release of the single Lamborghini Egoista concept carThe car was presented by head of a brand Stefanon Vinkelman. In the company say that Egoista became a gift of car maker to itself, therefore the supercar will be never transferred to private hands. Appearance of the selfish supercar is cast by design of the Apache helicopter. The car is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber and coated, doing it imperceptible for radar. The stealth supercar is set in motion by the 5,2-liter 592-strong V10 motor. This concept car is constructed for one person to bring it pleasure and to emphasize his identity. It is the car without compromises. In a word, the Lamborgini Egoista concept car is car for selfish drivers. The profile of the supercar has to remind a bull with the inclined head indicating forward wheels. The back part is urged to improve aerodynamics of Egoista and to give it more dramatic look. In the Lamborghini Company the Egoista describe as “four-wheel UFO”. The cabin is completely made of carbon fiber and aluminum and represents some kind of saving capsule isolating and protecting the driver from external elements.