Volkswagen electric car e-up

Volkswagen unveiled new Volkswagen electric car e-up

Yesterday (on March 17) at an official press conference of investors in Volsfburge,

company Volkswagen opened some details of the Volkswagen electric car e-up. It was presented for the first time. The novelty is equipped with a 81-strong electric motor and a set lithium – ion batteries of 18,7 kWh. Range of run of this electric car makes 150 kilometers. The Volkswagen electric car e-up can be equipped with according to the buyers’ desire.  After the storage battery is completely charged, it is possible to recharge it during a way for 80% in 30 minutes. The Volkswagen e-up electric car practically differs nothing from the petrol relative, however nevertheless has some specific elements. For example, the car is equipped with LED day headlights on a front bumper. But, Volkswagen e-up is more aero dynamic in comparison with the original version, its functions are based on gasoline.Sales of the new Volkswagen electric car e-up will begin during the international automobile exhibition in Frankfurt in 2014. Unfortunately, there is no word about the maximum speed and some other technical characteristics of the car. Also, there is no word regarding the starting cost of Volkswagen e-up.