Volvo automatic parking system

Volvo concept car with automatic parking system

The Company Volvo developed the unique concept car with automatic parking system. The car independently finds an empty seat and makes a parking without participation of the driver. The automatic parking system is the conceptual technology, allowing to facilitate life to the driver in search of an empty seat on a parking. By the word of Thomas Broberg (consultant for safety of Volvo Car Group) everything that the driver needs to make, is to leave the car at entrance on a parking and then to take away it from the same place. The Vehicle 2 Infrastructure technology turns on transmitters in road infrastructure which report to the driver about availability of this service. The driver uses the appendix of the mobile phone to activate function of an automatic parking system, and then leaves the car. The Volvo concept car uses sensors to define an empty seat on a parking and to reach to it. When the driver comes to take away the car, everything occur upside-down. The combination of an off-line control to functions of detection of other objects and automatic braking allows the car to interact safely with other cars. The system itself regulates the speed and need of braking for optimum movement on a parking. The first functions of an off-line control will appear in new Volvo XC90 which will present at the end of 2014.

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