WRX Subaru concept car

WRX Subaru Concept Car

In New York auto show Subaru presents its WRX Concept. This model is sleeker and wider.
The performance of WRX Subaru is flexing its muscles in its appearance. The company didn’t announce more information regarding details under the hood, which has bulge design, and it means that there is a new turbocharged engine. The new striking thing from the aggressive design of WRX Subaru is the carbon-fiber roof. For this model the roof is not a slick design feature but a way to reduce the car top weight and lower its center gravity. There are air intakes in the front part of WRX Subaru. The intakes will help the engine breathe, while the exhaust pipes hint that the next WRX will have a considerable upgraded performance. The car has 20-inch wheels holding of 245-section tires. The windows of WRX Subaru concept are tinted-out, which typifies an early concept car with an unfinished interior. The engine is 2.5 liter with 265 horsepower. With all the add-ons, the price will be $40,000.