end of world scenarios

9 real scenarios regarding end of world

From a pandemic of an infection up to revolt of robots – here are 9 apocalyptic scenarios regarding the end of world.

1. Global warming

Climate change is the biggest threat facing a planet. Climate change can make extreme weather conditions more severe, increase a drought in some areas, change distribution of animals and diseases worldwide and to flood low regions of a planet as a result of sea level rise.

Global warming

2 . Asteroid

Because of a meteorite probably dinosaurs were lost, in case of falling Tungus were damaged about 2000 square kilometers Siberian wood in 1908. Even more terribly, perhaps, that astronomers are know only about part of the space stones disappearing in Solar system.

end of world

3. Pandemic threat

Because the world economy is closely interconnected, the fatal illness can extend as forest fire. By the words of scientists the threat of a global pandemic is quite real.

Pandemic virus

4. Fungus among us

Though bacterial threats are dangerous, fungus threats are even more frightening.
And though bacteria are deadly, but also there are many antibiotics. But for comparison, we know about treatment of fungus infections very little.


5. Mutations of diseases

Natural diseases aren’t only frightening. In 2011 the scientific community was revolted that researchers provoked a mutation of bird flu of H5N1, which began to be transferred among polecats by an airborne way. Results caused fears that laboratory fatal diseases can escape or be casually intended let out, which will lead to a global pandemic.

DNA letters with mutation

6. Nuclear war

Many scientists still worry about classical end of world: global nuclear war. Massive stocks of the nuclear weapon worldwide can seed enormous destructions if get into strange hands. Hours of the Doomsday show, the mankind is how close to destruction with help of the nuclear, biological weapon or global climate change.

Nuclear war

7. Robots

Equipments for murder aren’t far from reality.

Many scientists consider that computer singularity, a point in which the artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence, is already close. Whether there will be these robots benevolent assistants or a mankind scourge – is still discussed. But a lot of things can go not so when hyper intelligent robots will run, armed with a lethal weapon.

Robots war

8. Overpopulation

At 7 billion people on a planet, many ecologists assume that growth of the population is one of key threats for a planet. Certainly, not all agree: many think that growth of the population is stabilized in the next 50 years, and that the mankind will develop the way of an exit from negative consequences of overpopulation.

9. Effect of a snowball

Though each of these scenarios can occur, the majority of scientists consider as from several events regarding the end of world is more probable effect of a snowball.

For example, global warming can lead to increase in prevalence of pathogenic microorganisms, at the same time causing large-scale climate changes. Meanwhile, destruction of an ecosystem can complicate productions of food. Thus, instead of epic accident, some rather small factors will worsen gradually life on Earth, while it gradually doesn’t degrade.