Earth day special google doodle

Google celebrated the Earth day with a special doodle

Traditionally this day the actions are directed on ecological education and environment protection held.  The Google logo is replaced on Monday with the interactive image of wildlife in development — mountains, the lake with small fishes, trees, animals, flowers. By pressing Play button on the virtual sun, it will begin the daily cycle. After end of one cycle the season — winter, spring, summer or fall changes. The user also can operate elements of doodle — to blow off dandelions, to cause a virtual rain or animals from a hole. The tradition to celebrate the Earth Day created in the USA at the initiative of the ecological activist of the Gay lord of Nelson, and for the first time the Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. 20 years later this day became the international action in which 200 million people from 141 countries of the world participated. In 2009 the General Assembly of the UN at the initiative of Bolivia proclaimed on April 22 in the International afternoon of Mother EarthThe Earth day is urged to draw attention of world community to environmental problems. Therefore, this day are held ecological actions and actions — scientific conferences, exhibitions, closing of automobile movement on brisk streets of the large cities, cleaning of the territory and planting of trees. Google often places on the main page of the searcher festive logos to various memorials, holidays and birthdays of known people. Earlier the company placed special logos by New Year and Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, the Halloween and other holidays.