Life existed long before appearance of the Earth

According to the last statements of scientists, there is a high probability, that life existed long before emergence of the Earth, and, it is quite possible, and even outside our Solar system. Moore’s law says that the numbers of transistors, which take place on a crystal of the integrated scheme, will double each 24 months or two years. According to David Hausa’s forecasts from Intel, doubling of productivity of processors happens each 18 months, and the combination of growth of number of transistors and speed of each separate transistor becomes the reason for that. So, if to apply Moore’s law, and to use it for counting in the opposite direction, we’ll come to conclusion, that we come by 1965 when the first microchip was invented.Now two scientists-geneticists applied Moore’s law to the speed, with which life on Earth develops, developing into more and more difficult forms. As a result results which show were received, that organic life appeared even long before appearance of the Earth.Alexei Sharov from National institute of aging in Baltimore a little differently applied Moore’s law. It replaced transistors with nucleotides (DNA and RNA construction blocks) and made calculations.The received results showed, that the first changes happened about 10 billions years ago, long before appearance of the Earth (according to estimates of scientists, Earth appeared about 4.5 billions years ago).Even if mathematical calculations show, that life existed before appearance of the Earth, whether it is possible physically? Sharov and Gordon give the affirmative answer. According to the panspermia theory, life existed in world space, passing from one heavenly body to another either with meteorites, or as a result of action of pressure of light.