Researcher found super-deep diamond

Researcher found diamond in the Erath’s mantle at the first time

Researcher found super-deep diamond in the Earth’s mantle that humans have never seen before. According to the scientist the diamond provides “fundamental proof” of the long-theorized idea that slabs of oceanic crust that sink deep within the Earth are recycled into the lower mantle. They found the trapped mineral in a diamond from South Africa’s Cullinan Mine. This mine has produced some of the most expensive diamonds in the world, including two of the largest diamonds in the British Crown Jewels. “It’s also the source of some of the most scientifically valuable diamonds” Graham Pearson, a professor at the University of Alberta and one of the study’s authors, said in a statement. The rocks can shed light on the deepest parts of Earth’s core. “Nobody has ever managed to keep this mineral stable at the Earth’s surface … The only possible way of preserving it at the Earth’s surface is when it’s trapped in an unyielding container like a diamond,” Pearson explained. According to the Nester Korolev from the University of British Columbia the facts it held something so special inside was “a complete surprise”. “The specific composition of the perovskite inclusion in this particular diamond provides fundamental proof of what happens to the fate of oceanic plates as they descend into the depths of the Earth,” Pearson said. Until now, this crustal recycling was mostly the stuff of theory, inferred from seismology and other scientific research. This diamond discovery, Pearson said, is “a nice illustration of how science works.” “You build on theoretical predictions—in this case, from seismology and once in a while you are able to make a clinching observation that really proves that the theory works.”


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