Stop Apocalypse till it is Possible

Stop Apocalypse Till It Is Possible

Stop Apocalypse people if you can. The humanity is increasingly becoming unbearable for the Earth and the people requirements towards the resources are growing more and more. People constantly destroying the natural resources for their own pleasure and enrichment, incitement wars and become richer due to the millions of innocent victims.The tremendous amount of using the oil, gas and other minerals leads to irreversible destruction of the Earth’s crust, which arises from earthquakes and tsunamis and other cataclysms. The human greed leads to the fact that the resources are used more than it is necessary.The wealth of all over the world is concentrated in the hands of 1% of the population and the rest are forced to keep their existence with scare torment.

Due to that one percent the conditions necessary for life are becoming more non-favorable on the planet. After all the earth is ours and our children’s: what will inherit our future generation? Stop people; let the technologies develop to satisfy the same requirements in order to cause less harm to the planet.The Earth is unique and if it will be destroyed the humanity will have no alternate.