Cassini and Messenger take Earth picture

Today two spacecrafts Cassini and Messenger will arrange a photoshoot

Two NASA spacecrafts, one studying systems of Saturn, another observing Mercury, at the same time will arrive on the taken-away place to photograph Earth, on July 19 and 20. The Cassini spacecraft will take the picture from system between 5:27 and 5:42 evenings of EDT (2:27 and 2:42 PDT or 21:27 and 21:47 UTC) on Friday, July 19. The Cassini spacecraft will be at distance about 900 million kilometers from Earth. NASA urges the population to pose “in style of a wave” in the direction of Saturn during this portrait shooting and then shares the photos on the Internet. Earth photos with the Cassini spacecraft, will be part of more extensive mosaic of systems of Saturn.

Wave at Saturn
Wave at Saturn

Processing of images of Earth, as expected, will take some days, and processing of a full mosaic of system of Saturn can take some weeks. The commands of Cassini inspired by plans to make such a photo of Earth, scientists of other team revised the plans for the planned supervision of the Messenger spacecraft in an orbit round Mercury. They understood, as Earth casually will appear on some images removed in search of natural satellites round Mercury on July 19 and 20. These pictures will be taken in: 7:49 mornings, 8:38 mornings and 9:41 mornings (11:49, 12:38 and 13:41 UTC) such time extend for both days. It will do a photo of parts of Earth which won’t manage to be imprinted Cassini’s device; including it will be all Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Processing of images from the Messenger spacecraft, also will take some days before their release.


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