3D Printer For Children

Artur Tchoukanov and Joris Peels now give the children a new way to play and exercise their creative abilities. It is about children’s 3D printer called Origo. Under creation of children’s 3D printer Origo is the idea to provide children with high-tech toy that is easy to use, works “out of the box” that children could use in their own homes. Adults like 3D printers, they are even admired by such things. However they consider such printer is next gadget with which they can play for some time, after which will be looking for a new one. Children perceive it differently. They find application for the device and use it. That is the main reason for the focus exactly on children. Also, children are much more free in their creative motivations.

Children are inborn creators, whom doesn’t limit intention of designers or brand. Expected price of the printer Origo will be less than $ 800.