Amazon is Planning to Update the Kindle Fire E-book Reader

Amazon has informed that new software update for its Kindle Fire e-book reader is coming up soon. As the reviewers and users have been complaining, the best promoted Amazon Fire tablet left some blunders in its design and functionality that made many Kindle users to pack the device and send it back to the manufacturer or throw it in some place and wait for a software update.
The main complains were the following:

  1. Lack of privacy. There was no screen lock or authorization feature available on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which was making your taken actions completely transparent to your family members and people that access your Kindle device. With the new software update, the browsing history will be available for cleaning.
  2. Touchscreen problems. Some users were complaining about buggy touchscreen saying that it is not sensitive enough. The touchscreen problems are supposed to be solved in the new software update. Additionally, Amazon has indicated that it will improve the multitouch support in the updated Kindle Fire software.
  3. Browser is slow. The Amazon Silk browser running on the Kindle Fire e-book reader was not fast enough to load the web pages quickly. With the new updates, the browser will get some speed thanks to the caching the browsing history.
  4. Location of the power button. User have been complaining that the power button currently placed in the bottom of the Amazon Kindle device was very insecure against accidently touching.
  5. Lack of the external voice control buttons. As for now you might adjust the volume only by means of touchscreen buttons, which was not really convenient.

As New York Times reported, except for the last two points, the other issues are supposed to be solved in the new software Amazon promised to release before Christmas. Additionally, in the spring 2012, Amazon plans to release a new Kindle tablet that will hopefully solve all issues in the above mentioned customer complains. And although Amazon’s Kindle Fire device is the best looking e-book reader, which by the way has a very reasonable price in $199, it should also fit to the customer’s requirements and wishes.