iPad 3 is Coming in February 2012

According to Citi analyst Apple will release the iPad 3 in February 2012. Richard Gardner said “several sources” indicated that Apple would launch its next-generation iOS tablet as much as a month earlier than it released the iPad 2 in 2011. Also has been said The iPad 3‘s screen will boast double the resolution of the iPad 2‘s. This appears to break Apple’s schedule of a yearly product refresh, but then again with Apple’s trademark secrecy, it’s really quite hard to tell what their plans are until the company actually comes forward with the information themselves. According to Richard Gardner, it seems the reason behind the earlier release is because there weren’t any significant technical hurdles remaining.

Apple could head off competition from similarly priced Android tablets at the pass by getting its latest, greatest tablet technology out a bit sooner than expected. That would also have the effect of reducing prices for older versions of the iPad.